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List Đam Mỹ Yêu Thích

Truyện trong list được tuyển dựa trên ý kiến chủ quan của chủ nhà ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿ tiêu chuẩn bất định, tâm tình chủ nhà cũng là một nhân tố quyết định truyện được tuyển. — 0~9 — 2013 – Phi Thiên Dạ Tường: hiện đại, zombie (thây ma), trá hình khoa học viễn tưởng, 1×1, 2 couple, HE. Chủ Giác Thất… Continue reading List Đam Mỹ Yêu Thích


Victoria Solomon – Gakuen Alice RPG (a memento)

Name: Victoria Solomon Age: 14 Date of Birth: May 24th Gender: Female Alice: Levitation Possess the ability to fly and float in the sky without any outside influence as she wish. The higher the alice goes, the more tired she gets due to the lack of oxygen and other external influences (ex. the temperature). Despite possessing the ability fly, her strength is the same… Continue reading Victoria Solomon – Gakuen Alice RPG (a memento)


Fleia JC Refel – Gakuen Alice RPG (a memento)

Name: Fleia JC Refel (JC is a code nickname Fleia herself wants to be called and adds to her name) Age: 8 Date of Birth: January 2nd Gender: Female Alice: Baking Possess the ability to bake unimaginable types of bread, even from the most ordinary ingredients. The bread she baked could harbor different types of feelings such as happiness,… Continue reading Fleia JC Refel – Gakuen Alice RPG (a memento)


My first OC :3 Koori Himemiya – Gakuen Alice RPG (a memento)

Name: Koori Himemiya Age: 16 Date of Birth: October 12th Gender: Female Alice: Darkness Manipulation Possess the ability to create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows, especially effective during night time, but not disabled within daylight. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy, it can be… Continue reading My first OC :3 Koori Himemiya – Gakuen Alice RPG (a memento)